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Tustin Neck Pain Chiropractor Teaches Safe, Simple and Effective Exercise Routine to Regain and Maintain Your Health.

Hi guys, this is Dr. Shouka, your Tustin neck pain chiropractor in Tustin, CA. I designed these exercises because I felt that these exercises would help me and everyone else for the rest of our lives. I have been a practicing chiropractor for close to 30 years, a 5th degree martial arts master with several black belts. I have been studying healthy movement for over 40 years. I will share with you some amazing benefits from doing these easy exercises. You can get rid of neck pain, back pain, headaches, neuralgia, sciatica, shoulder pain, elbow, pain, wrist pain, knee pain and foot pain. You can improve your balance, strength, stamina, and coordination.  It is important that you follow the video so you don’t skip any critical movements. The links to the videos is at the bottom of the page.

* Number 1 –  Most People Suffer Because of Wrong Movement Patterns

Most people that I would see in my chiropractic clinic in Tustin would develop the same problems. They would come to see me because they had neck pain and/or back pain and injuries. Our Tustin neck pain patients have benefited dramatically from the information on this page. These conditions are often times associated with nerve irritation. When the spinal nerves were affected the patients would have symptoms along the pathway of those nerves. I would see patients with headaches and dizziness and pains as well as numbness, tingling, and weakness in their arms and legs. As a Tustin neck pain Chiropractor, I use these exercises in our office to help the patents recover from injuries sooner.

Our Mission Statement for Tustin Neck Pain Patients
Our Mission Statement for Tustin Neck Pain Patients

Tustin Chiropractor Teaches People to Move Better

Your Body Will Remove Nerve Irritations and Flush Out the Toxins and Pain

* Number 2  –  Fixing Bad Movement Strengthens and Stabilizes

What was important to resolving these conditions is that we needed to restore their proper biomechanics. We needed to remove the nerve irritations to allow the body to heal. In restoring the biomechanics I would find that people would have instability and weakness in some areas. That instability would cause pain, inflammation and muscle spasms as the body tries to stabilize the area. This would cause neck pain and back pain. The body would also develop tight areas. As long as the body had tight areas the weak areas will not stabilize and vice versa.  As a Tustin chiropractor, the stability of the the spine is key to helping my patients stay out of pain.

Do you have pain and stiffness in your shoulders?

What I found was that most of the problems that were affecting the spine and the neck pain were coming from tightness in the shoulders. When thinking about the shoulders we have to be predominately concerned with the shoulder blade movement. Most low back pain was coming from poor hip movement. In the hips we also have to consider the movement of the sacroiliac joint.

Is it the hips or the Sacro-Iliac Joints?

Well, we have a solution for both! This exercise program is heavily focused on the movement of the hips and shoulders and that brings relief and balance to the spine. Upon correcting of the spinal movements the discs, joints and articulations will begin to heal and rebuild. I’ve managed patients and have seen them rebuild their discs in their neck and their low back. This is a great way to finally get rid of neck pain and back pain.

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* Number 3  –  These Exercises are Easy to Do

It’s amazing how effective these exercises are for neck pain and back pain. They are incredibly simple to do. I designed them that way on purpose so that people would not be intimidated to get started. Anybody can do these exercises you could even start in a chair. These exercises are for everybody, if you could move you could do these exercises. These exercises are also highly effective for athletes. Even if you are really fit you can still do these exercises because by moving the joints through the full ranges of motion without any stress on them allows the joints to rebuild. The joints do not have any blood circulation and get their nutrients through the synovial fluid. Moving the joints allow the nutrients to enter into the cartilage cells.

Tustin Neck Pain Chiropractor Shows Patients From Tustin, Irvine, Orange, and Santa Ana Exercises to Help Their Hands and Feet

The bottoms of the feet have all the reflexology points that can affect the life energy circulation throughout the body. By doing these exercise movements on the feet it stimulates all the reflex points. The whole body responds to the movement in the feet and ankles. We improve hand function by repeatedly opening and closing our hands and fingers  We are also opening and stimulating the energy meridians or channels that travel through the arms to the fingers to the organs inside your body. Articulating the hands, wrists and fingers can help prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger.

Reflexes Throughout Your Body Work Together to Make You Better –

Baby You Were Born That way!

* Number 4  –  They Work with Your Body’s Natural Reflexes

When moving the elbows you are also stimulating the kidneys to heal and repair. If you stand up with your arms at your side you can see that the elbows are right next to the kidneys. As the baby forms in the womb it becomes an embryo, then a fetus, and then a beautiful baby! During the development of the embryo the body forms a clump of cells that comes together to become a structure that looks like a pancake. That pancake folds over on itself and makes what is called the neural tube. From that neural tube you have out pouching that forms the brain and the spinal cord.  After that the rest of the body starts to develop. The ear and the heart forms and the arms and legs extend out from that neural tube.

More Oxygen Means More Energy for Tustin Neck Pain Patients

* Number 5  –  They Give You More Energy

Deep breathing is really important to do because you’re bringing oxygen into the body and eliminating carbon dioxide. Lifting your arms up during breathing increases the size of the rib cage and the capacity of the lungs. This is a great way to increase your energy. More energy means less pain for our Tustin neck pain patients. One molecule of glucose produces two molecules of ATP. ATP it’s the unit of energy that your cells used to maintain their function. By adding oxygen each molecule of glucose can produce 32 molecules of ATP. Breathing properly and utilizing these breathing methods can increase your energy exponentially.

Without oxygen your body goes into anaerobic respiration. This creates a buildup of lactic acid in your body. Lactic acid can make your body more acidic and create pain. With oxygen your body produces energy through aerobic respiration. That way your body will not become acidic from the lactic acid and you’ll have tons and tons of energy.

Breathing is the Better Way for Tustin Neck Pain Patients to Become more Alkaline

* Number 6  –  They Make You More Alkaline for Better Health

When you are breathing you’re also getting rid of carbon dioxide. If you put carbon dioxide in a liquid it becomes acidic. So as you are exhaling the carbon dioxide your body is becoming more alkaline. That is the key to be to becoming alkaline, it is done through proper breathing.

The different movements during these breathing exercises are to expand the rib cage and increase the volume of the lungs. As you bend forward and you breathe in you’re expanding the back part of the rib cage and stretching the back part of the diaphragm. As you bend to the side you are stretching the sides of the rib cage, lungs and the diaphragm.

Better Mobility in the Ribcage Removes Stress From the Neck and Low Back for Tustin Neck Pain Patients

* Number 7  –  They Help Rebuild Your Joints and Spinal Discs

The deep breathing exercises also mobilizes the thoracic spine and the rib cage. In our bodies we have areas that have increased tightness or stiffness and areas that have increased mobility. The mid-back and the rib cage tend to become more stiff and this causes the neck and low back area to move excessively. We call this being hyper-mobile. Neck pain and Low back pain can benefit greatly from better rib cage movement. These exercises help to mobilize the rib cage while we’re bringing in more oxygen. By mobilizing the mid-back you take the stress off of the low back and the neck. Taking the stress off those areas will actually allowed the discs in the neck and back to rebuild.

Meridians are Pathways for the Lymph System to Clear Out the Toxins From the Cells.

As you stretch to the side you are mobilizing your shoulder and shoulder blade as well as this the ribcage. You’re also stretching the area of the gallbladder channel or Meridian. The gallbladder Meridian runs along the side of your head your neck and the side of your body all the way down to the outside of your legs. The gallbladder aides in your body’s ability to absorb the fat soluble vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins are vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Fat Soluble Vitamins are Essential to Survival

* Number 8  –  Removes Stress and Absorb Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A is important for your eyes, skin and immune system. Deficiency in vitamin A can cause somebody to have difficulty seeing in low light conditions. This can eventually lead to what it’s called night blindness. They can also cause the person to have various skin conditions. Vitamin A is important in maintaining the lining of the sinuses and the lining in the intestines.  Both of which are critical as a first line defense for your immune system.

With gallbladder conditions you’re at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps regulate your hormones, balance your immune system, and strengthen your bones.

Remember you have to have a good gallbladder to absorb fat soluble vitamins. The next vitamin that we are concerned about is vitamin E. Vitamin E is important for your heart and your cardiovascular system. It is an important antioxidant and it’s good for your skin and vitality.

The next important fat-soluble vitamin is Vitamin K. Vitamin K has two factors – K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 is essential for your body’s ability to coagulate blood. Deficiency in vitamin K can produce thinness in the blood and can cause somebody to bleed excessively. Vitamin K2 is essential in regulating the calcium deposits in the body. In a deficiency of vitamin K2 the person’s ability to put the calcium into the bones is diminished. Calcium can deposit in the arteries during a deficiency of vitamin K2. K2 must have a healing or protective aspect to the lining of the arteries and blood vessels.

Follow the Video for Relief from Neck Pain and Back Pain and Improve your Health

To get rid of your neck pain and back pain you can follow the video and do the exercises to the best of your ability. You should check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. You can call our office at 714-535-6535 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shouka. If you have a sharp pain while doing any of the movements just back off on the movement. Only work within the range of motion that your body allows you. Gradually your range of motion will increase and your pains.

All these movements were designed to do several things. One, they are designed to lubricate all of the joints. They provide nutrition and energy to rebuild the cartilage. This gentle movement coordinates the muscles to correct the movement pattern. It is important to bring more oxygen into the body so that you have more energy. You also want to get rid of the carbon dioxide so you can get rid of the acid buildup in the body. By bringing in the oxygen and moving in all these different directions you’re opening up all the energy pathways for the body. This allows the essential nutrients and oxygen to get to the cells. It also allows the toxins to get flushed out of the body!

Open the Pathways for the Lymphatic System to Detoxify

* Number 9 –  Opens the Pathways For The Body To Detoxify Your Cells

You’re opening up all the Meridian system. The meridians are part of your lymphatic system that allows your body to drain and get rid of the toxins from the cells and out of your body. This lets the toxins be flushed out through normal elimination. All the cells in your body are actually swimming in this nutrient dense fluid. This allows the toxins to get out of the cells and the nutrients to enter into the cells. The fluid also needs to be drained out from the from around the cells and out of the body.

Moving your body through all these ranges of motion opens up all these channels. By doing this, you can truly detoxify your body at a cellular level. You definitely don’t want your cells soaking and swimming in their own toxins!! While at the same time they were being starved from a nutritional standpoint. I’m sure that you’ll agree that one of the main causes of illness is the lack of nutrients and the excess of toxins. If you starve the cells and have them swimming in their own toxins they’re going to get sick. To get healthier we have to open up the nutrient pathway to bring in the good nutrients and oxygen. This allows the cells to get their energy needs so they can function the way they’re designed to. We also need to keep the pathways open to allow your body to get rid of the toxins.

 Improving Your Balance Prevents Injuries

* Number 10  –  Improve Balance Avoid Falling and Prevent Injuries

These exercises will also challenge your balance. Your balance is challenged when you have your legs crossed over as you’re bending forward. Balance is real important to maintain our health and protect us from injuries. As you find your balance and challenge your balance system it causes your whole nervous system to fire to find the balance point. This will allow the nerves and muscles to reset. As they reset your body movement is corrected and the joints will heal. This will bring relief to your neck pain and back pain. The small muscles between the segments of the spine reset and realign your spine. This improves the mobility and removes nerve irritation at the spinal level. It’s almost like getting yourself a chiropractic treatment.

Some movements open up the stomach and spleen meridians as well as the kidney meridian. The spleen and stomach meridians run the front part of the thighs on the legs. The kidney meridian runs on the inside of of the legs. By leaning backwards you stimulate the muscles and activate those meridians. I hope you enjoyed my explanation of this part of the video. I also hope that it’s brought some insights and perspective in terms of what you can do to regain and maintain your health.

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